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Make a decision that will change your life!

You don't have to be well educated to realize that your future is up to you and you alone. The choices that you have in life are mind boggling. Once you own a home and you have your credit rating in good shape you can do so many things..... like get a line of credit secured against your home - borrow from yourself. You can send your kids to college, go on a family holiday or buy a new car, camper or cottage.

The key here is to start being responsible for your future by guarding your spending habits and making good decisions.  Lenders look at you in a totally different light if you own your own home. Most people (unless they don't like looking after their home) want to invest well and let's face it....... renting is like throwing your money out the window!

You can rent for 10 years and not get a cent back from the landlord after you move out or you can get yourself out of debt, qualify for a mortgage and live virtually "rent free" by owning your own home. It's not a tough choice! I have a lender who would be happy to put you on the right road to independence.

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