Barb Taylor, Sales Rep.
"Dreams Do Come True"

Relocation Specialist

I have worked as a relocation specialist for employees contracted by the Gov’t of Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local and provincial police forces. My 30 years of real estate experience has enabled me to show and sell every possible type of home, hobby farm and cottage property that there is.     

I have lived in Ottawa and Area for most of my life. My background is in sales, banking, accounting, police support work, several crown corporations and government of Canada.

I have travelled quite extensively and have worked in Real Estate and Property Management in Canada, the USA and in Mexico.  I have attended many conferences, seminars and training sessions throughout Canada and the United States where I have met and enjoyed exchanging ideas and concerns with "like minded" people.

I can put you in touch with realtors anywhere in the world. My international connections will make your move much easier!