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                                                          Does Experience Matter?

Yes of course it does. This fast paced market requires the type of agent who acts quickly and assertively. Gone are the days of conditional offers and long closing dates.  We are faced with no conditions if you want to experience a good result.  Appraisers are pulling their hair out trying to make the numbers work for financing.  Lawyers are charging additional fees because they are so busy.  Agents/Sales Reps are having a hard time finding anything worth looking at in specific price ranges. There are bidding wars and an urgency that we've never experienced before.

I have over 30 years of experience.  I've written out offers by hand on the hood of a car.  I've negotiated on deals that were almost impossible to put together due to many reasons. Sometimes it's an emotional situation where a couple are going their separate ways and sometimes it's mom and dad who don't want to downsize.

Whatever the situation or real estate market conditions I have had a huge success rate and love the excitement of making dreams come true.

Call me please - I'm a winner and a very hard worker!